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vendredi 21 novembre 2014

Lawrence - A Day In The Life (MuleMusiq)

I'm still in my ambient/techno/drone fase and the new Lawrence LP totally fits within that current obssession. It's out now on MuleMusiq.

jeudi 20 novembre 2014

S.L.Y.C. - A deafening light (Metronomicon audio)

S.L.Y.C. is Sara Lena Yri Cools' project, belgian citizen but born and brought up in Norway.
Her folk composition are delicate and hazy with a subtle touch noise.
I believethat, although different, Broadcast and Stereolab lovers will like this record as well.
A deafening light is available digitally and on cd (100 copies) on Metronomicon's bandcamp page.

mercredi 19 novembre 2014

Bryan Ferry - Loop De Li (Leo Zero Remixes)

Leo Zero remixed a track from  Bryan Ferry's new album Avonmore.
This is one for slow mo disco and balearic afficionados and of course you have THE man's awesome and oh so recognizable vocals. Love it! (both versions)

dub version:

mardi 18 novembre 2014

The Jazz workshop - Mezare Israel Yekabtzenu (Fortuna Records)

The good people at Fortuna Records have been preparing a new release for us ladies and chaps!
 Mezare Israel Yekabtzenu is a rare deep, spiritual Israeli jazz album from 1973. It is an east meets west kind of thing. Arab, Druze and Jewish compositions are mingled with the hardcore New-York jazz sound of the 60’s. And it's sounds great! Can't wait to have that one.
Release date: 01.12.14

lundi 17 novembre 2014

Mirror People - Wrong Speed Records

I think we've all experienced at some point. we play a record at 45 instead of 33 and it sounds better.
Mirror people took this sonic experience one step further and made a compilation out of it.
Have a listen if you have doubts. The tracks do sound good at the wrong speed.

dimanche 16 novembre 2014

samedi 15 novembre 2014

Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band first full lenght 2&st Century Molam (Paradis Bangkok/zudrangma Records)

21st century luk thung and molam ambassadors " Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band", and huge favourites here at the Rue14 n°14 headquarters, are about to relase their first full length at the end of this month.
Listen to the first infectuously catchy single!