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jeudi 18 décembre 2014

Tam...Tam...Tam...! released on Trunk Records

Remastered reissue of a hard to find  Brazilian record from the 50s.
It's one of the  recordings of Polish producer Miccio Askany's and it was part of a global touring show called Brasiliana. The music was written and recorded by José Prates.
Gilles Peterson had called for someone to reisue this record stating that this LP was a cornerstone of contemporary Brazilian sound, the roots of it all, and was essential listening, and Jonny Trunk made his wish come true.
I discovered it thanks to Jonny's weekly mailings and it truly is an exquisite LP.
Funny how on Nana Imborô you can definitely hear “Mas-Que-Nada”

Listen herebelow

Low Leaf Set Me Free video and Akashaalay Vinyl Release

She's one of my sonic darlings with Throwing Shade and Fatima.
Low Leaf's outstanding record "Akashaalay" is now out on vinyl as well and it's one for the collectors among us. The tracks have been remastered specifically for the vinyl release, it also includes a full-color sleeve with lyrics + new artwork, multi-layered gloss matte cover, lock-out grooves on each side and bonus hidden messages. So, actually, there's no excuse, even if you hade the cassette (which is my case). Support good music!
Vinyl, cassette and mp3s are available on Low Leaf's Bandcamp.

Check the video for Set Me Free.


Glass Candy - Miss Broadway (Italians do It Better)

Johnny Jewel has been uploading tracks like crazy lately on his soundcloud page.
Latest in line is Miss Broadway by Glass Candy (released on 12" in 2007). The track still sounds like a lost disco banger that should've reached us sooner. Free download ladies and chaps! 
Ida No I love you!!!!!

mercredi 17 décembre 2014

Triple Threat: new Manuel Gonzales, Healing Force Project and hodge releases on Berceuse Heroique

ΚΕΜΑΛ / Berceuse Heroique / Ancient Monarchy
"Promoting capitalism since 2012" dixit Gizmo.
BH is one of the best labels to have emerged of our current cultural void.
I discovered Berceuse Héroique through its sister label ΚΕΜΑΛ, which released two of this year's best reissues, namely Music Of The Firewalkers (I used a track in one of my previous radio shows) and Charles Hayward's Smell of Metal.
Add to that the best edit release in years from Japan blues and you'll have an idea of the reason why I follow BH. Even though i'm not an expert in techno, I'm really fond of Berceuse's uncompromising releases and visuals.
Also, forget all the craziness surrounding Loefah's re-release, and check Full Frontal, Strange Apparitions in My Recording Room and You better Lie Down.
Have a listen and buy, Those 3 might be the best music investment you'll make this month.
They're available at Honest Jons.



3 mixtapes! 2 for the b-boys (ΚΕΜΑΛ and Manuel Gonzales), and another, dedicated to Miles Davis, by Healing Force Project.



mardi 16 décembre 2014

Jordan De La Sierra - GYMNOSPHERE: SONG OF THE ROSE (Numero Group)

Contemporary classical, new age, cosmic soundscapes and theories.
Gymnosphere is 120 minutes of bliss.
Out now on Numero Group.

lundi 15 décembre 2014

Vercetti Technicolor - Athens 430BC (MinimalRome)

Vercetti Technicolor's (Giallo Disco Records) contribution for MinimalRome Label's upcoming compilation "Enter the Plague"
The vinyl only comp will also feature tracks from Alessandro Parisi, Antoni Maiovvi, UMBERTO and Heinrich Dressel.

New Panda Bear video Boys Latin

Panda Bear's new lp should be out in january. 
First cool lp from 2015?? We'll see. 
One thing's for sure, we're in known territory with track right here. It instantly sounds familiar and I don't mind that at all in this case.

The animated video was directed by Isaiah Saxon and Sean Hellfritsch (from Encyclopedia Pictura)