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vendredi 30 juillet 2010

PERSEO: Edits Volume One

Perseo is Italians do it better's sister label. They mainly focus on the release of edits & re-edits.

This what they had to say about the genesis of Perseo:

The label was born when Mike heard the infamous Bruce Springsteen edit byMartin Vogel almost two years ago. It prompted him to try to figure out a way to release it, and thus Perseo was born. SInce then it has become a way to showcase some of Mike and Johnny's favorite edits out there, as well as a way to release some of their own work. Like Italians, expect the quality to be top notch and the records to be limited editions, usually around 400 copies per release.


The first three releases are:

M VOGEL "Tough" 12" (aka: The Boss- the one that started it all)
BOTTIN "Eagle/Stork" 12" (Steve Miller/Level 42)
MIKE SIMONETTI "That Look" 12" (3 obscure house tracks)
PERSEO "Edits Volume One" cd (this collects the three records above, plus a bonus track)

The 12"" singles and the cd compilation are available on the Italians do it better store
Of course you can also find them on juno & other online platforms.

samedi 24 juillet 2010

Team Ghost - Titan Movie 2.0

Team Ghost's You Never did Wrong to Me EP is available via Juno and the Sonic Cathedral Shop.

New Native Instruments Traktor Midi controller

I'm overly excited by that new piece of equipment. NI finally decided to unveil their latest project, a four deck midi controller. Ean Golden was involved in its conception so I'm pretty confident about the quality of this controller. (His special edition of the VCI 100 is a classic). Seems like there's some uprgrade or new version of Traktor as well. (Hopefully just an upgrade)

The pictures:

Pictures are courtesy of Ean Golden's Djtechtools.

The video:

Native instruments posted a video as well. I'm not fond of the music that dj is playing to say the least, but anyway here's the teaser.

Sigur Rós - Gobbledigook

Parce que ça faisait longtemps, que c'est un morceau qui rend de bonne humeur et que les hippies islandais nudistes c'est bien!

mercredi 7 juillet 2010

Italians do it better release "Solid Gold" Compilation

Solid Gold is compiled by Johnny Jewel and consists of songs released on vinyl only between 2007 and 2010. Most of the tracks on there are out of print on LP by the way.
So it's a pretty cool opportunity to have those gems on one single cd.

Official release text:

Solid Gold is a collection of some early IDIB 12"s, most of which are out of print. Tracks were carefullyselected and programmed by our own Johnny Jewel.This is not a mix cd. It is full tracks as they appear on the original 12"s. A compilation of sorts... This entire compilation is the brainchild of Johnny,and he put a lot of time into the tracklisting. We hope you enjoy it. Its perfect driving music. This is a cd only release, and is for sale in our store. We lowered all of our prices as well on everything. We are tryingto accommodate the overseas people who get screwedover with the high shipping rates, which seem to keep going up and up and up... This is a MAILORDER/GIG only release! enjoy!

So what are you still waiting for? A discount on vuvuzelas?