La Jåponaise Moustachue© - Guerrilla Stoemp - The Thin Black Duke - The George Låzenby Firelight Ensemble - The BaleaRic Hunter - (Le)Dåndy - Jules Barbey d'Aurevilly avec une Afro - André Bellegårde et son Orchestre Digital - I am a Cåssette...Dandytronic...Heddofone...Né à uccle mort en bas résilles...Matelot à sec...Inconnu du Nord au midi...Candidat déchu du concours Princesse Claquettes....La vie est un film natur(al)iste hollandais...Adepte des titres a rallonges...Toi aussi tu aimes les bûches?


I don't really do reviews, If it's on here, It means I love it. Dead simple.
Some of the pictures here are mine, hit me up if you're interested in my work.

vendredi 25 février 2011

The outrunners - Diamonds (the TNUC experience)

The Outrunners - Diamonds [The TNUC Experience] from TNUC on Vimeo.

This video consisting of 80s series extracts fits The Outrunners' song like a glove.

Minitel Rose - Heart of Stone video

Traktor Kontrol X1

I'm changing my setup.
I was using a VCI-100 SE (Ean Golden Special edition) an audio 8 dj soundcard and traktor.
Now I'm changing to two Kontrol X1, audio 8 dj soundcard and a 4 channel mixer. I really can't wait to use them with the new Traktor Pro 2 software.

(Pics courtesy of Skratchworx)

Skratchworx made an excellent review about the X1 (
I find it very intuitive to use and very fun.

Tutorial videos:

NI videos:

mercredi 23 février 2011

New College Album announced

Valerie Collective founding member College is back with a new album.
It should be available on the 14th of march.

Latest tracks by College

mardi 22 février 2011

Protect-U - U-Uno

Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie xx - We're new here

the XX member, Jamie remixed Heron's album I'm new here. Sonically it could be labelled as post dubstep.

The music is available on different formats, LP,Cd,mp3 & there's also a deluxe edition containing the LP on pink heavyweight vinyl, the isntrumentals on a green vinyl, cds of both versions and 2 limited edtion photographic prints)

samedi 19 février 2011

Gatto Fritto - HEX

2011 will definitely be an exciting sonic year. I predict International feel recordings will reign supreme!
They consistently served us hot tracks troughout 2010 and this year will be no exception with the releases of new singles (Hervey and Buble Club) and Gatto Fritto's and Locussolus' LPs.

A special version of Gatto's song Hex, is available for download on Soundcloud.
Grab it while you can!

Gatto Fritto - Hex by International Feel

Cut Copy - Need you now

jeudi 17 février 2011

Pioneer DJM - 900 Nexus

Ladies and chaps, this is pioneer's new mixer, the DJM-900 Nexus.
It's traktor Pro certified, so normally you won't need an audio 10 dj (or other soundcard) in order to make it work with native intruments' new version of the software. Pics, video and Pioneer propaganda below:

Introduction with James Zabiela:


The DJM 900 Nexus is a four-channel club mixer. Headline features include ultimate computer connectivity, up-to-date effects, high performance features and sound. All based on the DJM-800 layout.
It has a 96kHz/24-bit soundcard streams all audio signals with no loss of sound quality – and being Traktor Scratch Certified, the DJM-900nexus unlocks DVS control. DJs can connect one USB cable and control Traktor with Timecode CD and/or vinyl, directly through the mixer.

Six stunning studio-quality SOUND COLOR FX expand upon the previous four and add extra dimensions to any DJ set. With a dedicated FX processor for each of the four channels, it raises the bar once more. An overhauled BEAT EFFECTS section further enhances the potential for mind-blowing arrangements: five new effects, a revolutionary level of control and Pioneer simplicity will rival any other system.

The new built-in X-PAD brings instant one-finger BEAT EFFECTS performances. Users of the CDJ-2000 and CDJ-900 can hit the DJM-900nexus QUANTIZE button to lock all these new effects to the Beatgrid of the playing deck.

The DJM-900nexus layout is the industry’s most intuitive, most widely used and most creative. With the new plug-and-play software connection that makes DJ transition a breeze, the result is a next generation mixer that is ready for professional DJ booths the world over. Due for release late March 2011, the newest addition to the club-standard DJM range will retail at 1,899 euros inc. VAT, £1599 inc VAT.


Engineered to bring studio quality sound and sequencer style tricks to the club, six new beefed-up effects turn creative vision into a reality at the twist of a dial. In addition to the essential FILTER and CRUSH, the DJM-900nexus boasts four new modern effects. The massively popular NOISE from the DJM-2000 is added by popular demand, while the brand new and seriously lush SPACE reverb brings high-pass and low-pass ambiance to every channel. The new DUB ECHO also has high-pass and low-pass control over a new tape delay effect to twist with your mind as you slip the timing. The amazing GATE/COMP strips back your music to the peaks, or beefs it up to seamlessly blend drastically different productions together in the mix.

Overhauled BEAT EFFECTS add a whole new level of control
On top of the six super-easy COLOR FX on each channel, the channel-assignable BEAT EFFECTS bring a whole new level of control – making extreme processing more reliable and creative with instant results.

Let’s start off with the new control interface:

QUANTIZE: rekordbox™QUANTIZE picks up BEATGRID data over the ProDJ Link. Simply connect the DJM-900nexus to the network and compatible CDJs send real-time BPM and beat position data to the effects, even as you adjust and bend the pitch in the mix! Without perfect timing, heavily timed effects like TRANS, ECHO and ROLL can be dangerous to use, but with this new QUANTIZE stability and guaranteed timing, it’s easy to be wildly creative with the confidence of a seasoned Pro.

X-PAD: In addition to the BEAT buttons that change the timing, the intuitive X-PAD is a touch-sensitive strip that simultaneously engages the BEAT EFFECTS, while adjusting things like the REVERB filter, ROLL time, and PHASER LFO ¬– using just one finger!

TWIN LFO: Bringing a new approach to FILTER, PHASE and FLANGER sweeps is a twin LFO. LFO1 is controlled by the BEAT buttons, while LFO2 expresses further wobble factor using the X-Pad.

New High Quality Effects for a digital generation
REVERB: DJs looking for processor-intensive reverbs no longer have to gamble with the stability of laptops to get the best quality. REVERB brings lush studio quality with a two-minute tail, pitched room size control and input frequency filtering for stunning results.
SPIRAL: This pitch echo with feedback looping can create psychedelic breakdowns and interludes from a single hit.
SLIP ROLL: A DJM-2000 favorite, this ultimate beat-mashing tool puts rhythmic slicing and dicing at your fingertips. Continuously re-sample and loop fresh chunks of audio as you slide between loop sizes on the X-PAD, in perfect time with the beat.
MELODIC: This side-chain pitching sampler is another inspiration from the DJM-2000. Hit the X-Pad to simultaneously sample from the selected channel, and hold your finger down to trigger the sample from the peaks of the underlying music. Then slide your finger along to adjust the sample length while you change the playback pitch with the BEAT buttons.
MIDI LFO: The use of external effects units and software effects also takes a major leap. The twin LFO from the BEAT EFFECTS is now broadcast via Midi and USB, making it possible to control software effects with Quantize accuracy, right from the familiar DJM-900nexus controls.

PRO DJ LINK functionality enhances performance
The DJM-900nexus joins the PRO DJ LINK family with a LAN connection that brings three revolutionary new features. NOW ON PLAY warns you that a CDJ is playing out to the speakers. As soon as you turn up the corresponding mixer channel for a playing deck, the CDJ-2000 platter illumination changes from White to Red, or the CDJ-900 LINK icon flashes. The BEAT EFFECTS benefit most of all from the PRO DJ LINK as they now use rekordbox™ BPM and BEATGRID information from compatible Pioneer DJ Players , to keep the effects in perfect time. Finally, CUE LINK is like an additional audio channel to preview music in the headphones, straight from rekordbox™.

Fully TRAKTOR™ compatible for plug-and-play simplicity
TRAKTOR™ users can connect their PC to the mixer via a single USB port – conveniently located on top of the unit - to get direct input from TRAKTOR’s four decks and enjoy all of its features. The DJM-900nexus is a TRAKTOR SCRATCH certified compatible mixer, meaning scratch control functions that use a time code disc can be accessed, without the need for an authorized Native Instruments Audio Interface and all the extra connections.

Built-in four-channel high performance soundcard
Supporting 96kHz/24-bit high resolution signal processing, the onboard USB soundcard can simultaneously input and output all audio signals with no degradation of sound quality. A user-friendly interface on the PC allows DJs to tweak the output signal path to suit various activities, e.g. DVS control, software playback, producing and recording.

Advanced design for accurate reproduction of audio sources
The DJM-900nexus is equipped with the same high-quality audio input and output circuits as the DJM-2000. A 32-bit A/D converter digitizes and enhances sound quality for all outputs, while the 32-bit digital signal processor (DSP) suppresses digital noise. Even analogue noise is reduced, through balanced hybrid operation amps and output circuits.

High performance channel faders
New fader technology and fader caps will make the DJM-900nexus last for even longer between services in super-tough club environments. No longer positioned directly under the fader faceplate opening, the new fader mechanism is out of harm’s way to one side. Two metal shafts make the fader even smoother and extra durable, while the Pioneer P-LOCK Fader Caps are impossible to pull off in the heat of a mix.

Other features
- Fully assignable MIDI functionality can transmit most control information to external devices and can also be used as a MIDI controller.
- Built-in switchable 3-band equalizer (+6dB to -26dB) and 3-band isolator (-6dB to -∞dB).
- Automatically switches to standby if unit is not used or there is no input for a pre-set period of time.
Number of channels - 4 audio channels, 2 mic channels
Input ports CD/LINE×6 (RCA), PHONO×2 (RCA)
MIC×2 (front-panel XLR & 1/4 inch JACK dual purpose×1, 1/4 inch JACK×1)

Output ports MASTER OUT×2 (RCA×1, XLR×1)
BOOTH OUT×1 (1/4 inch JACK)
HEADPHONE MONITOR OUT×1 (top surface 1/4 inch JACK×1)
Other ports SEND×1 (1/4 inch JACK), RETURN×1 (1/4 inch JACK)
MIDI OUT×1 (5-Pin DIN), USB B port×1, LINK port×1 (RJ45)

Sampling rate 96 kHz
D/A converter 32-bit
A/D converter 24-bit

Frequency response 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion ratio 0.004% or less
S/N ratio 107 dB or greater (LINE)Head room 19 dB

Power source 220-240V (50 Hz/60 Hz)
Power consumption 42 W
Maximum dimensions 331 mm (W) × 409 mm (D) × 108 mm (H)
Unit weight 7.1 kg

mardi 15 février 2011

13&God - On your own ghost

Six years!!! Six bloody years since their first self-titled début lp came out (A classic if you ask me).
The wait is almost over ladies and chaps, Themselves and The Notwist are back on track with their sophomore full lenght "On your own ghost". Release date's may 17 in the US and may 6 in Europe. I must honestly say I can't wait! Look at the preview below.


01 Its Own Sun
02 Death Major
03 Armored Scarves
04 Janu Are
05 Old Age
06 Et Tu
07 Death Minor
08 Sure as Debt
09 Beat on Us
10 Unyoung

13 & God - "Armored Scarves" Preview from anticon. on Vimeo.

dimanche 13 février 2011

Sauroid Presents : Gabe Cantanzaro & Noisebrigade

Once upon a time the sauroids, the first civilization on planet Earth. They lived with dinosaurs and other animals of their time. They walked on two steps, had warm blood, a big tail, five fingers for every hand and foot, and were very close to reptile icons (some scientists have defined them as 'the crocodiles on two legs'. Basicly the sauroids were intelligent forms of life, not like the first men of the Earth, and probably their life was more longer than the actual human life: the research spoke about 200/250 years. The Sauroid's world was definitely deleted from our planet, but there are some persons who said that they are still on Earth (someone relate about kidnapping in space shuttles). Probably the founders of Sauroid were already in contact with the aliens, who invited to join into a new dimension....

Sauroid is an italian label founded by DJ Gio MC-505 and Mr. Technium. They elaborated a colour system for the listeners to recognize the type of music of each release based on the colour of the logo: red for Nu Rave, yellow for Italo Disco and Electro Disco, green for Acid House and Techno, orange for Nu Disco, blue for Electro and last, but not the least, fuxia for Chiptune.

Enough Theory!!! What it all boils down to is music and Suroid's two first releases are hot!!

Sauroid Soundcloud
Sauroid Records

Pioneer Lexus teaser

Official announcement on february 17th

samedi 12 février 2011

Chromagain - Any colour we like

Italian darkwave, minimal electronic band I discovered on the excellent Danza Meccanica compilation

ANNA 028 / MNQ 010 - Chromagain - Any Colour We Liked - LP/CD by Anna Logue Records

Any colour we like is the remastered re-issue of their original 1985 MLP "Any Colour You Like" with bonus tracks "Wake Up" (different mix from "Danza Meccanica - Italian Synth Wave 1982-1987" compilation (2009) version, "Ethnicbox" from the "Tracce" LP compilation (1984) as well as seven previously unreleased tracks. (Cd version only for the bonus tracks)

Definitely a must buy! (Via Mannequin Records).

vendredi 11 février 2011

Harald Grosskopf - Synthesist LP + Re-Synthesist CD

Harald Grosskopf - Synthesist by RVNG Intl.

Re-release of Harald Grosskopf's synthesist LP on the ever excellent RNVG INTL record label.(It's Also RVNG's first ever re-issue.)

It's accompagnied by the Re-Synthesist CD, reworks from avant garde artists such as Daniel lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never), Arp and many others.

Release date: February 15th, 2011

Harald Grosskopf - Synthesist LP

01. So Weit, So Gut0
2. B. Aldrian
03. Emphasis
04. Synthesist
05. 1847- Earth
06. Trauma
07. Transcendental Overdrive
08. Tai Ki

V/A - Re-Synthesist CD

01. Bronze - So Weit, So Gut
02. CFCF - B. Aldrian
03. Jar Moff - B. Aldrian
04. Arp - Emphasis
05. JD Twitch - Emphasize
06. Blondes - Synthesist
07. Snoretex - Synthesist
08. Stellar Om Source - 1847 - Earth
09. Oneohtrix Point Never - Trauma 2010
10. Keyhole Voyeur (aka James Ferraro) - WISHMASTER (Transcendental Overdrive Zone)
11. Pink Skull - Tai Ki


Press Text:

Synthesist is the debut album by Harald Grosskopf, the enigmatic percussionist behind Ash Ra Tempel, Klaus Schulze, and Cosmic Jokers. Originally released by Sky Records in 1980, RVNG Intl. celebrates the 30th year anniversary with this newly mastered and packaged reissue. Berlin, Germany, summer of 1979, Harald Grosskopf, then 30 years old, was at a personal and creative crossroads.

His girlfriend just left him, and Ashra (Manuel Göttsching's "solo" project) was on temporary hiatus. Harald always considered himself a rhythmic accomplice to his numerous collaborators' lead, until prompted by some fellow musician friends to pursue a singular creative vision. Armed with a MiniMoog and Revox reel-to-reel, Grosskopf set off for the West German countryside that fall and isolated himself in a home studio for almost two months to record Synthesist. The temperamental analog synthesizer and sequencing technology created a long learning curve eventually resulting in a harmonious union of man and machine.

The human response undeniably colors the eight songs of Synthesist and aligns the album with some of the more melodic output of the Berlin School of Electronic Music. The title track and "Transcendental Overdrive" almost take on pop qualities. Harald's live percussion opens up tracks like "So Weit, So Gut" and "Emphasis" for jammed out exploration. Where the album veers into the ambient space clusters of "B. Aldrian" or "Trauma", it's hard not to consider Synthesist the nexus of Krautrock, Kosmische, and New Age.

Re-Synthesist, the companion compilation to Synthesist, is an assemblage of reinterpretations of Grosskopf's work by a new vanguard of electronic and experimental artists including Oneohtrix Point Never, Blondes, Arp, Stellar Om Source, CFCF, James Ferraro, and many others.
Although Synthesist has been unavailable on vinyl for almost three decades, it doesn't fetch unfathomable collector fees. Selecting Synthesist as our first reissue is more about the connectivity to a new audience than the scarcity fetish for a select few. It's about sharing Harald's story and celebrating an album musically accomplished and compelling from start to end.

The Synthesist LP comes as a deluxe package on post-consumer recycled goods, including a unique reverse bound record jacket and full color liner notes by Harald Grosskopf in English and German.

The Re-Synthesist compilation is only available with vinyl purchase, both available digitally through our usual storefront suspects.

Composed, arranged, and performed by Harald Grosskopf.
Produced by Harald Grosskopf.
"Space Sounds" performed by Udo Hanten.
Recorded by Eberhard Panne and Harald Grosskopf.
Basic tracks recorded late 1979 at Udo Hanten's flat.
Additional recording & mixing at Panne & Paulsen Studios, Frankfurt, Germany.
Photography by Detlef Maugsch.
Original artwork by Siegfried Kottler.
Remastered by Graeme Durham at The Exchange.
Liner note translation by Mike Burns.Art direction by Kevin O'Neill.

jeudi 10 février 2011

New Traktor Pro 2 Software and Audio 6 Dj & audio 10 DJ hardware

DJtechtools overview:

Extensive reviews are available on Djtechtools, skratchworx, digitaldjtips and other djing websites.

Hardware pics:


NI announcement:

Native Instruments Announces the next TRAKTOR Generation

Revised DJ software and digital vinyl systems offer enhanced creative versatility and usability, include new range of DJ audio interfaces

Berlin, February 10th, 2011 – Native Instruments today announced the new TRAKTOR generation, which establishes the next level of power and ease-of-use with its TRAKTOR PRO 2 software and TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 digital vinyl system. Based on versatile new software features and a revised audio interface line, the new product generation expands the lead of Native Instruments’ TRAKTOR range and gives DJs even more creative possibilities.

The new TRAKTOR generation is based on a revised high-visibility GUI for intuitive operation under all conditions, and now offers up to four powerful Sample Decks as well as the unique Loop Recorder. While each Sample Deck can add up to four simultaneous samples or loops to the mix, the Loop Recorder allows DJs to capture audio from various sources on the fly and drop it back into the mix at any time, opening up creative techniques far beyond conventional DJing.

A further major innovation of the new TRAKTOR generation is the new “TruWave” technology. By displaying tracks and samples in all four decks with high-resolution multi-colored waveforms, it gives deep insight into the spectral properties of the music, visualizing both individual rhythmic elements as well as general sonic characteristics. With four selectable color schemes, an extra-wide zoom range and subpixel-accuracy waveform rendering, TruWave allows DJs to read their tracks visually for even more intuitive mixing.

The leading synchronization features in TRAKTOR have been further expanded with a new “SoftSync” function that provides a unique combination of convenient automatic beat-matching and hands-on control. By keeping the tempo of multiple tracks in sync without manipulating the phase, SoftSync accommodates the widest possible range of mixing techniques both in TRAKTOR PRO 2 and in TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2. The effect selection of TRAKTOR has also been expanded with four additional types that offer unique ways to create dramatic breakdowns and other typical performance effects, including a tape delay emulation and the new “Bouncer”, increasing the arsenal to an unparalleled assortment of over 30 algorithms.The timecode-controlled TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 combines the new software generation with the new TRAKTOR AUDIO 10 interface, which offers additional I/O, improved signal chain monitoring and a versatile new bypass functionality over the previous AUDIO 8 model. With its true analog “Direct Thru” functionality that can be controlled directly from the TRAKTOR 2 software, TRAKTOR AUDIO 10 allows for easier switchovers between DJ sets and is ideally suited for club installation.

Most features of the new TRAKTOR generation can also be found in the new TRAKTOR DUO 2 versions, which offer a classic two-deck configuration with additional dual sample decks and a compact effect selection at an especially affordable price, with TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO 2 including the new TRAKTOR AUDIO 6 interface.

For the TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 system, the new TRAKTOR PRO 2 will replace the originally included TRAKTOR PRO S4 software. All KONTROL S4 owners will receive a download upgrade free of charge.

Pricing and availability

All products within the new TRAKTOR PRO 2 generation will be available in stores in April 2011. Suggested retail pricing:

TRAKTOR PRO 2 - $229 / 199 €

TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 - $669 / 599 €

TRAKTOR DUO 2 - $119 / 99 €

TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO 2 - $399 / 349 €

Update and upgrade pricing is available on the NI website.

Native Instruments Announces new DJ Audio Interface Line

New TRAKTOR AUDIO 6 and TRAKTOR AUDIO 10 interfaces offer more I/O, Direct Thru feature, improved signal monitoring and TRAKTOR LE 2

Berlin, February 10th, 2011 – Native Instruments today announced TRAKTOR AUDIO 6 and TRAKTOR AUDIO 10, the second generation of its acclaimed DJ audio interface range. With expanded connectivity and additional features for club use, the new models can meet and exceed all professional requirements of digital DJing – both as the hardware centerpieces of the new TRAKTOR SCRATCH generation and as highly versatile audio interfaces for any DJ or music production software.

With 6 respectively 10 analog inputs and outputs respectively, the AUDIO 6 and AUDIO 10 both offer two additional channels over the previous AUDIO 4 and AUDIO 8 models. Even when all decks of the TRAKTOR software are routed to individual channels for external mixing, a further stereo I/O remains available – for potential use with the Loop Recorder and Sample Decks, as a dedicated effect send/return, to record an externally mixed set back into TRAKTOR, or for other creative routing purposes.

With their 24bit/96Khz Cirrus Logic converters and powerful +12 dBu output volume, the AUDIO 6 and AUDIO 10 maintain DJ-specific audio characteristics, with signal quality further enhanced through improved electrical engineering. The improved high-visibility LED indicators also allow for clearer and more intuitive monitoring of the signal chain even in low-light club environments.

A further advantage of the AUDIO 6 and AUDIO 10 is the new “Direct Thru” bypass function, which can be toggled individually per channel remotely from the computer. In a typical club setup, an engaged “Direct Thru” passes the signal of the turntable or CD deck directly to the hardware mixer, even with no computer attached. This allows for convenient switchovers between successive DJ sets, and makes the new interfaces especially suitable for permanent club installation.

AUDIO 6 and AUDIO 10 also include TRAKTOR LE 2, a new entry-level DJ software based on the latest TRAKTOR PRO 2 generation. With two decks, an efficient sync function as well as versatile looping and effect functions, TRAKTOR LE 2 is an ideal entry into digital DJing.The ultra-compact AUDIO 2 DJ interface continues to be available without any technical changes under the new name TRAKTOR AUDIO 2, and also comes bundled with the new TRAKTOR LE 2 software.

Pricing and availability

TRAKTOR AUDIO 6 and TRAKTOR AUDIO 10 will be available April 2011 for a suggested retail price of $279/249 € and $449/399 € respectively.

Further product information and press material

Additional information on the new TRAKTOR range is available at

samedi 5 février 2011

Retro/Grade - Motion (Album Sampler)

Oh my, Oh my, Oh my.
This right here ladies and chaps is pure fire!!!!
I can't wait to hear the entire LP.
2011 is definitely going to be the year of Retro/Grade.

Retro/Grade "Motion" Album Sampler by Retro/Grade