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mardi 8 novembre 2011

Kourosh – Back From The Brink: Pre-Revolution Psychedelic Rock From Iran

  Kourosh Yaghmaei - Hajme Khali by JaziiRoger

  Kourosh by Borboen

    hezarta Kourosh Yaghmaei Pedar by hezarta

Original sessions produced by Kourosh Yaghmaei.
This anthology produced by Egon.
Art direction by Errol Richardson.
Restoration and remastering by Sean C. and Dave Cooley.
CD Tracklist:
Disc One:
1.Gole Yakh (Winter Sweet)
2. Dar Enteha (At The End)
3. Hajme Khali (Empty Bulk)
4. Paiz (Autumn)
5. Leila (Same)
6. Del Dareh Pir Misheh (My Heart is Getting Old )
7. Akhm Nakon (Don’t Frown)
8. Shirin Joon (Dear Shirin)
9. Ghazal (Gazelle)
10. Tavalode Yek Seda (Birth Of A Sound)
11. Saghe (Stalk)
12. Entezar (Waiting)
13. Niyayesh (Praise)
14. Saraabe Toe (Your Mirage)
15. Reyhan (Same)
16. Baroona (Rains)
Disc Two:
17. Mosafere Shahre Baran (The Traveler Of Rain-Town)
18. Khaar (Thistle)
19. Havar Havar (Shout Shout) Tak Derakht (Single Tree)
20. Ashiooneh (Nest)
21. Bachehaye Khoobe Koocheh (The Good Children of the Street)
22. Akhtare Asemanha ( The Star of the Sky )
23. Kei Toe Miayee (When Will You Come)
24. Share Cheshmat (The City of Your Eyes)
25. Dokhtare Delkhasteye Shahr (The Heartbroken Town Girl)
26. Daas (Scythe)
27. Ghahr (Sulk)
28. Aabere Shab (Night Passenger)
29. Ghad Boland (Tall)
30. Kei Toe Miayee (When Will You Come

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