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jeudi 29 décembre 2011

Rosemary - A Persian Tale

1. Rosemary is a Danish/Iranian duo making electronically based music.
2. Rosemary is the Iranian singer Sahar and the Danish producer Lasse.
3. Sahar grew up in the golden Tehran, Iran. She fled to Denmark at the age of 5.
4. Lasse grew up in the suburbs of cold Copenhagen, Denmark. He makes films as well as music.
5. Rosemary was formed in 2009.
6. Rosemary released their debut EP "A Persian Tale" December 2011.(free download)

vendredi 23 décembre 2011


It's time I pass my drivers licence. This is the perfect score for night drives.
It's already out on Itunes. CD and triple LP will follow in 2012.

mercredi 21 décembre 2011

Sonic Gems from Thailand (Zudrangma records)

DFA Records Holiday Card 2011

DFA Records Holiday Card 2011 from DFA Records on Vimeo.

1. Prinzhorn Dance School / Happy In Bits
2. Benoit & Sergio / Principles
3. The Crystal Ark / Touch
4. Factory Floor / Second Way
5. The Rapture / Come Back To Me
6. Planningtorock / I'm Your Man
7. DJ Kaos / From Inside
8. Reward / Equal Dreams
9. The 2 Bears / Work
10. YACHT / Shangri-La
11. Holy Ghost! / It's Not Over

Perseus - Russian Girlfriends EP

A gift from the mysterious Perseus!
It's hot that's for sure, exactly what I need when it's cold outside

mercredi 14 décembre 2011

Erik Omen - Payphone (Siberia/Mother Sky Records)

Erik Omen - Payphone (Siberia/Mother Sky Records) from Mother Sky Records on Vimeo.

Track I discovered via the always excellent alainfinkielkrautrock blog.
I totally understand why they love the track over there, it's just a perfect mid tempo hypnotic cosmic jam.
Bridezilla's Holiday Sindewinder ethereal vocals complement the track.

The 12inch is available of pre order on Siberia Records

Extra treat!!

lundi 12 décembre 2011

I:Cube - Cubo Edits (Les edits du Golem)

The mythical "Golem" of  Les Edits du Golem fame is back. Last release was Alexis Le-Tan's Summer Outing back in 2009. This Time I:cube provides gems to the Golem.
Well, this announcement made my day ladies and chaps! The tracks are hot. Probably one of the best ep's ever released by the Golem.

The second edit on Side A is ,for me, already a classic, seems to be based on Jacky quartz' 80s french pop monster hit Juste une mise au point.


A Side
A Bicyclette
B side
Piano in Paradiso
You dance so well
Out on vinyl in jauary 2012

Petite Fumée - Tenderness Dust Mix

(Picture courtesy of Guerrilla Stoemp. do not use without permission)

New delivery from Petite fumée! This time expect a cosmic/kraut.psychedelic folk delight.
it's available for download here:

mercredi 7 décembre 2011

Jesse Boykins III - Light To Dark [A Film By Street Etiquette]

Nite Jewel - One Second of Love

Nite Jewel's new LP, One Second Of Love, will be released on the Secretly Canadian imprint on March 5, 2012.
Bye bye lo fi sound by the way. It still sounds good though.


1. This Story
2. One Second of Love
3. She’s Always Watching You
4. Mind and Eyes
5. In the Dark
6. Memory Man
7. Unearthly Delights
8. No I Don’t
9. Autograph
10. Clive

mardi 6 décembre 2011

mixsoup presents: Blindtest et quizz au Pot au Lait (27 décembre 2011)

Hop hop hop un peu de pub pour mon pote Mixsoup à Liège.

Eh oui, nous y sommes... Comme chaque année Le Pot au Lait propose son traditionnel et non moins célèbre Blindtest & Quizz qui se tiendra dans la grande salle le 27 décembre...

Ambiance paillette et cotillons garantie par votre hôtesse, Virginie...

Venez mesurer votre connaissance musicale à la sélection et aux questions de Bernard Hauffman !!!

Inscription par équipe de 4 à 6 joueurs.

p.a.f: € 5.00

Ouverture des portes 19h30 - début des hostilités 20h

Après les derniers sold out, nous conseillons vivement de réserver votre table à l'adresse habituelle:

samedi 3 décembre 2011

JD Twitch/FaltyDL - Juno Record Christmas 7"

Juno celebrates christmas with the release of a special 7".


FaltyDL: Debris
JD Twitch: Psylent Night.

The 7″ will come housed in hand-numbered artwork designed by James Kirkup and is pressed on crystal clear vinyl. It's "given" away free with any order on


Matsuo Ohno - War in space