La Jåponaise Moustachue© - Guerrilla Stoemp - The Thin Black Duke - The George Låzenby Firelight Ensemble - The BaleaRic Hunter - (Le)Dåndy - Jules Barbey d'Aurevilly avec une Afro - André Bellegårde et son Orchestre Digital - I am a Cåssette...Dandytronic...Heddofone...Né à uccle mort en bas résilles...Matelot à sec...Inconnu du Nord au midi...Candidat déchu du concours Princesse Claquettes....La vie est un film natur(al)iste hollandais...Adepte des titres a rallonges...Toi aussi tu aimes les bûches?


I don't really do reviews, If it's on here, It means I love it. Dead simple.
Some of the pictures here are mine, hit me up if you're interested in my work.

samedi 29 décembre 2012

Fasaan Disco Specials #1: Midnight Cruise EP - Prins Emanuel & Golden Ivy (Fasaan Recordings)

2012 has been an rich sonic year. I've heard so many great ep's, discovered so many amazing producers and small indie structures releasing vinyl with love and care.

This future release from Malmö's Fasaan Recordings is a magnificent way to end 2012.
It's the perfect track to kiss the year goodbye!!


lundi 17 décembre 2012

Olga Voskonyan – Avtomobili 7″ Flexi Disc (Baran Records)

Limited edition flexi-disc from Olga Voskonyan, Russian synth-pop singer from the late 80′s. She was wife Alexander Yakovlev's wife, founder of the band Bioconstructor. The release is a postcard flexi disc (size: 5″x7″) and there's a download code included.

samedi 10 novembre 2012

Okiya Balearica: Return to the Motherland

Tomorrow I return to the motherland (Congo), after twenty something years. I made this compilation early this morning to celebrate that. 

Indian summer again and again and again.

See you all in a few

Pascal aka Guerrilla Stoemp

jeudi 8 novembre 2012

Justin Velor - Flameout (Psychemagik Remix)

Brutal Music is releasing a 3 track EP with remixes of tracks that will appear on Justin Velor's LP 2013. Remix duties are handled by Psychemagik, cherrystones and The Go Team.
It's available for pre-order on Fat City Recordings.
I ordered it this morning, don't miss that one, it's hot stuff!

Forgotten Illusions - Crystal Contour

mardi 6 novembre 2012

Zombie Zombie - Rituels d'un nouveau monde (Versatile)


lundi 5 novembre 2012

The Loved Drones feat. Emmanuelle Parrenin - Cosmic Memories (Freaksville)

Picture: Elodie Rose Hamaide
Model: La Japonaise Moustachue

First single of the Loved Drones' forthcoming LP  Tangible effect of love
This release is really promising and might even be the best work ever released on Freaksville Records.

dimanche 4 novembre 2012

Emir Krkic (Muslim Disco Club) in charge of Macadam Mambo Edits Vol 4

Macadam Mambo continues to tease us with forthcoming edits.
 MME404 ep will be dedicated to (ex) yugloslavian disco, reggae and synth pop edits.  Emir Krkic is in charge of the rework duties. You might know him under his MUSLIM DISCO CLUB monniker, he released a killer ep on feed records last year.


mardi 30 octobre 2012

Moullinex - Flora (Gomma/Discotexas)

This release smells like Lisboa, it is warm, positive, festive and colourful.
The Sun drenched funky disco house/pop tracks will definitely help us  forget how shitty the weather really is.

Flora is available at the Discotexas bandcamp. A special pack CD + tote bag is available there.
Don't sleep on this release, it might be your only remedy for the ambient morosity!!!

samedi 27 octobre 2012

Macadam Mambo Edits 2012 - 2013 teasers (Macadam Mambo Records)

DJ Harvey used "Le jardinier" and now the entire galaxy knows about Macadam Mambo Records, and we should all thank him for that!

 Vol 3 ladies and chaps:


If this new edit is any indication of what to expect, 2013 might well be Macadam Mambo's year!
I sure can't wait to get the next MM edits volumes! (This track might be for volume 5 or 6 actually)

jeudi 25 octobre 2012

Eskimonde - A decade of Eskimo Recordings (Eskimo Recordings)

Next month, Eskimo records will release 'Eskimonde', a 5CD retrospective box set. The two first cd's dig extensively in the Belgian label's back catalogue. CD 3 includes 12 new and unreleased remixes from the likes of DJ Harvey, Solomun, Deetron, Moonlight Matters. 4 and 5 are mixes from The Glimmers.The box will also include a poster featuring a decade of Eskimo artwork.


CD1 – Retrospective Part 1

1. Ilya Santana - Transborder (Letherette Remix)
2. Hot Toddy feat. Ron Basejam - I Need Love (Morgan Geist’s Love Dub)
3. Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas - Boney M Down
4. Aeroplane - Caramellas (Original)
5. Simone Fedi - Bitter Devotion (Ewan Pearson Extended Remix)
6. Downtown Party Network - Days Like These (Vocal)
7. Bottin & Rodion - Galli (Give It Up) (Edit)
8. Hiem - Clubscene popscene (A just us Diskopop version)
9. Stratus - Footprints
10. Reverso 68 - Piece Together (Todd Terje Spinning Star Mix)
11. Low Motion Disco - Things Are Gonna Get Easier (Sebastien Tellier Vocal Remix)
12. Allez Allez - African Queen (Quiet Village Dub)

CD2 – Retrospective Part 2

1. Low Motion Disco - Love Love Love (Aeroplane mix)
2. LSB - Original Highway Delight
3. Maelstrom - Petrichor
4. Aeroplane - Without Lies (Breakbot Remix)
5. Reverso 68 - Tokyo Disko Part 1
6. In Flagranti - Personal Angst
7. Visti & Meyland - Yes Maam (All Nite Long) (Trentemøller Remix)
8. Allez Allez - Allez Allez (Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Remix)
9. Dance Disorder - My Time (Radio Slave's Rekids Tribe Mix)
10. The Neon Judgement - TV Treated (Tiga's Treated Vox)
11. The Sexmachines - Okay (Whitey Mix)

CD3 – Remixed

1. Aeroplane - We Can't Fly (Oliver Remix)
2. Low Motion Disco - Love Love Love (Solomun Edit)
3. Kris Menace Presents Stars On 33 - Something You Can Feel (Reverso 68 Remix)
4. West Phillips - (I'm just a) Sucker For A Pretty Face (Surrender! Remix)
5. Dirty Minds - I'm For Pleasure (Claptone Remix)
6. L.H.A.S. INC. - A Feeling (It's A Fine Line Remix)
7. Aeroplane - I Don't Feel (Deetron Remix)
8. Dr. Beat From San Sebastian - Mediterraneo (Dj Harvey Remix)
9. Blende - Fake Love (The Living Islands ‘Tropical Doom’ Dub)
10. Jean Winner - Alive And Kicking (Zimmer Remix)
11. Drop Out Orchestra - Sun Machine (diskJokke Remix)
12. Allez Allez - African Queen (Moonlight Matters 'I Love Grace Jones' Remix)

CD4 – Mix 1 : The Glimmers - Mo's Selection

CD5 – Mix 2 : The Glimmers - Dave's Selection

lundi 22 octobre 2012

Laurie Spiegle - Expanding Universe (Unseen Words)

Maybe the most interesting reissue this year! The Double CD set contains her classic 1980 as well as 15 bonus tracks, most of which never-before-released.

dimanche 21 octobre 2012

Woolfy Vs Projections - The Return of Love (Permanent Vacation)

I hadn't heard such nice balearic music in quite some time.
I've had an Indian Summer obsession lately and Woolfy vs Projections' Return of Love' arrives just in time to fulfill that obsession even more. It's a perfect album from start to finish.

This LP will definitely be in my 2012 top 10.

jeudi 18 octobre 2012

Beck. NYC 73 - 78 (Rework:Philip Glass remixed album)

Rework: Philip Glass Remixed

Disc 1

01 My Great Ghost: "Music in Twelve Parts, Part 1"

02 Tyondai Braxton: "Rubric (Remix)"

03 Nosaj Thing: "Knee 1 (Remix)"

04 Dan Deacon: "Alight Spiral Ship (Philip Glass Remix)"

05 Amon Tobin: "Warda's Whorehouse Inside Out Version"

06 Silver Alert: "Etoile Polaire: Little Dipper"

07 Memory Tapes: "Floe '87 (Remix)"

08 Cornelius 3: "Opening From Glassworks"

Disc 2

01 Beck: "NYC: 73-78"

02 Jóhann Jóhannsson: "Protest (Remix)"

03 Pantha du Prince: "Mad Rush Organ (Remix)"

04 Peter Broderick: "Island (Remix)"

mercredi 17 octobre 2012

Strange U (Eglo Records)

I don't know much about the Strange U collective. Hailing from England, they produce dark and twisted hip hop tracks.
what I do know for sure, is that I really like what i'm hearing.


vendredi 12 octobre 2012

Tomorrow’s Achievements: Parry Music Library 1976​-​86

I've been diving again  into the library music world lately. I bought the two volumes of the
Cosmic Future Groove series and today i discovered this gem; released by Public Information.

This is Tomorrow’s Achievements, an exclusive Public Information foray into the Canadian Library institution, Parry Music.

With access granted by founder John Parry we have selected twenty-five of our favourite electronic tracks, a late summer / early autumn heat-wave of perfect melody.

Parry Music was founded in Toronto, 1974 by John Parry and Chris Stone. John was formerly a manager of revered UK library Chappell Music and Chris was a Canadian music consultant, both brought some familiar musicians to the table.

Johnny Hawksworth, Robin Artus, Paul Kass, Nino Nardini (close allies with Roger Roger) are on board Tomorrow’s Achievements . At the same time we have a little known Canadian Library musician who features heavily, one Harry Forbes.

Forbes is the real driving force of our Parry-Love; a master of imminent, hummable melody, sublime synth miniatures baked in sweetness. Elsewhere we revel with the other players in proto-Balearic house, groovy electronic disco, spooked choral drone, freaked-modular scorch, weird Radiophonic bleep. These are the soundtracks to movie car chases never known, lost kids TV shows never realized, radio-ads never broadcast – music to make your ears sing for more.

A compliation put together piece by piece at Public Information HQ, lovingly re-mastered by Rashad at D&M and artwork by Jack Featherstone.

Release date 15 October 2012

lundi 8 octobre 2012

vendredi 5 octobre 2012

Native Instruments Kontrol Z2 2+2 Channel mixer

Ean golden's wlkthrough video:


■The Kontrol Z2′s 2+2 design supports both analog and digital DJing techniques. Two standalone channels provide connectivity for turntables or CDJs while two additional channels offer control over TRAKTOR Remix Decks, cue points and effects. This combination of hardware and software accommodates a variety of workflow styles, from vinyl and CDJ setups to elaborate controller configurations.

■Aircraft-grade construction

■24-bit soundcard

■XLR outputs

■Separate booth output and microphone input

■HID technology delivers seamless integration with CDJs including enhanced visual and tactile control of key features.

■Built-in USB hub adds connectivity for additional controllers without having to use the host computer’s USB ports, making it easy to integrate add-on controllers such as KONTROL F1 and X1.

■‘Premium-quality’ Innofaders.

■The two primary channels each feature a dedicated three-band EQ, filter and fader section, while two separate, chunky rotary volume knobs offer control over the Traktor channels.

■Four additional multi-colored LED buttons for each TRAKTOR channel assigned to control cue points and Remix Decks are placed in their own section on the Kontrol Z2.

■A master section lets DJs browse files inside Traktor and access controls such as Sync and Quantize.

■New Macro FX specifically designed for TRAKTOR combine multiple Traktor effects on a single control on the hardware. Customized to classic DJ workflows such as breakdowns, punch-in or blends, Macro FX condense complex effect performances to a single action, increasing the possibilities available to creative DJs.

■New Flux Mode tracks the time during complicated scratch and effect performances, allowing for creative loop rolls or effects while returning the song accurately to the beat.

■Includes the latest version of NI’s flagship Traktor Scratch Pro 2 software and Traktor Scratch timecode vinyl and CDs.

mercredi 3 octobre 2012

New Serato DJ + Pioneer DDJ SX Performance Controller

I am super excited!!!!!
I've always liked Itch, even though the effects sucked. I have used it for quite some time with my Novation Twitch.
Now, with Serato DJ, hopefully we'll have great effects as well. And, oh yes, it's midi mappable!
The software will be free for Itch users and it will cost 199$ for Serato Intro afficionados.
Also check the first Serato DJ controller from Pioneer (available in november), hereunder.
Get Inventive with new FX

Load and customize your choice of high quality FX powered by iZotope including: Delay, Echo, Ping Pong Delay, Reverb, Phaser, Flanger, Distortion, HPF, LPF and a Combo HPF/LPF. Adjust and customize a range of parameters for each effect to shape your sound.

Hands on Control

MIDI mapping opens the software up to be mapped to a secondary MIDI controller to take full advantage of all Serato DJs features in your performance and create your own unique workflow.

Save your work

Played a great set? Want to share your latest bangers with the world? Save your nights work or record your latest mixtape. In-software recording gives you the ability to save your mix with the click of a button.

Loop it up

Take advantage of both auto-looping, which sets loops automatically based on the BPM of the track, and manual looping to create your own custom loops.

Four Decks

Mix with up to 4 decks for supported controllers.

Keep it all together

Lock your tracks together for seamless grooves. Smart Sync with Beatgrids gives you even more time to get creative. 4 deck mixing has never been better with the ability to create your own special blends of tracks, instrumentals and vocals without the pressure of keeping everything in time too. Less time making it work, more time at the party!

Serato Video

Mix music videos or add visuals to your sets. Serato Video support in Serato DJ gives you even more to enrich your performance, connect with the crowd and visualize the music.


Less time making it work, more time at the party.

Plays well with others

Interoperable with Scratch Live, ITCH, DJ Intro and iTunes Music Libraries.

Stay in Tune

Access a wealth of free and exclusive promo music at your fingertips on


Tight integration with Serato DJ

Developed specifically for Serato DJ, the DDJ-SX controls are tightly integrated with the software features giving you the best hands on control over your performance.

Performance Pad Section

8 velocity sensitive, Performance Pads to control Cue Points, Loop Rolls, Slicer and the SP-6.

Velocity Mode

You can enter Velocity Mode to trigger the SP-6 Sample Player slots. The harder or softer you hit the performance pads, the louder or quieter the samples sound.

Dual Deck Mode

Developed specifically for the DDJ-SX, this allows you to link two software deck layers and manipulate them as one. Go crazy and layer sounds!Large, Touch Sensitive Platters

Trustworthy Pioneer touch sensitive platters with platter illumination and a jog wheel display allow for the tightest control of the virtual decks in Serato DJ.

4-Channel Standalone Hardware Mixer

Connect your CDJs or Turntables and have the best of both worlds.

Slip Mode

Keep everything in time and in the groove. Turn on this mode and trigger cue points, loops or scratch. Once you are done, the track will go back to the position it would have been had you done nothing.

Hardware FX Controls

Dedicated hardware controls for the brand new FX Powered by iZotope in Serato DJ.


Chop sections of your tracks up and re-arrange on the fly. The Slicer cuts a section of your track into 8 pieces, which can be triggered creatively with the 8 performance pads.

Dedicated HP/LP Channel Filters

A dedicated High Pass / Low Pass filter per channel gives you more control to create smooth blends and interesting sounds.

Channel Fader Start

Start playback of your tracks by opening the channel fader.

vendredi 28 septembre 2012

Philosophy of Sound - Fragile disco (Discotexas Records)

Indian Summer Music alert!!!
New release from the Discotexas camp!
Its Philosophy of sound's second release on the lisboan label.
It is already available on the Discotexas webshop, so cop it!

Side note: The cover photography was made by yours truly!! I'm must say i'm really really happy to see how it turned out.
The final product is just blazing!

mercredi 26 septembre 2012

Pompeya - Power (Lou Teti Mix)

This Lou Teti remix will be part of my Indian Summer soundtrack, no doubt about that.
The 12" is available at the tigers on the leash bandcamp page.

lundi 24 septembre 2012

Antoni Maiovvi - Stockholm Synthdrone EP (Giallo Disco Records 002)

Giallo Disco is back with a second EP, The Stockholm syndrome.
The fundraising campaign has started, so support the cause if you like horror disco


Antoni Maiovvi – Stockholm Synthdrone EP (Vinyl Edition)

A1 – Darkroom
A2 – Prisoner Nightdrive

B1 – Voodoo Vodoo
B2 – Darkroom (Jamie Paton Dub Mix)

Antoni Maiovvi – Stockholm Synthdrone EP (Digital Version)

01 – Darkroom
02 – Prisoner Nightdrive
03 – Voodoo Voodoo
04 – Darkroom (Jamie Paton Dub)
05 – Prisoner Nightdrive (Mircalla Remix)
06 – Voodoo Voodoo (Vercetti Technicolor's Space Voodoo Remix)