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lundi 30 avril 2012

Furns - Haunt Me

Perfectly in sync with thoday's weather and mood!

Modcast #115: Pional (Modular)


Soko - How Are You?

Oh my god I hated "I'll Kill Her"". For me it was like the most annoying song ever.
The accent, the track in itself, there was nothing for me there. The success it had was, at least for me, puzzling.
So when I heard she had released an album I was rather reluctant. should I listen to it? The reviews were raving but still, I had that "I'll Kill Her" echo in my head.

Up until now. Shot in the Mojave desert by the Yours Truly crew, Soko sings "How are you"
A gentle folk song I found myself enjoying a lot. her English accent has improved a lot which helps (for me)

So actually, I might listen to her new LP and see what it's worth. (Actually I will definitely listen to her album)

Dustin Wong - Untitled

dimanche 29 avril 2012

Bottin Presents Cristalli Liquidi (Artifact Holland)


Photography: Cas Oorthuys Exhibition (Brussels City Museum)

> 31/12, di/ma/Tu > zo/di/Su 10 > 17.00, €5,
MUSEUM VAN DE STAD BRUSSEL/MUSéE DE LA VILLE DE BRUXELLES, Grote Markt/Grand-Place,  Brussel/Bruxelles, 02-279.43.50, 

Heavy Rotation 2 (Frisbee Records)

Yesterday I saw the documentary "The Revenge Of the Geeks" on the French German channel Arté. Well the track Frodo reminds me of the Exerpt I saw of Leonard Nimoy singing the Song of Bilbo Baggins. Of course Heavy Rotation Two is all about disco but still, it's a funny coincidence.

Anyway it's hot stuff I can assure you ladies and chaps!!!

Ole Smokey Presents...(KAT Records)

The sun, the beach, a caipirinha... Yep I think it's finally spring. Ole Smokey gives us the perfect soundtrack for a sunny day spent with friends.

Kool A.D. - 51

vendredi 27 avril 2012

Tom Noble - Dancing Hard [Al Kent's Disco Jam] (Clone Loft supreme Series)

I almost waited a month to receive this one (the mysteries of postal services) but it sure was worth the wait!
Al Kent's Version of dancing hard is such a banger!!!!

jeudi 26 avril 2012

Monopsone Fragments 1-3 (Monopsone Records)

The mail man brought me the three first fragments EPs yesterday. Fragments is a limited series of 10"s initiated by french label Monopsone. Each cover sports a picture made by Stephane Merveille, which gives the series an interesting artistic unity.

The first three bands contributing to Fragments are: Violens, Zaza and Epic45.
Three high quality eps, I really recommend them. Be on the lookout for the next Fragments 10"s as well.
available on Monopsone.

Disco Deviance Pulse Radio Show 17 - Get Down Edits Mix

mardi 24 avril 2012

Purity Ring - Obedear (4AD)

Purity Ring definitely is the contemporary pop band I'm the most excited about.
They've been delivering gems ever since their first 7" came out and the new single "Obedear" makes no exception.
If it's an indication of things to come on their debut album "Shrines", be sure it will be one of the best albums of the year!

Shrines will be released on 7/24 on 4AD / Last Gang Records

dimanche 22 avril 2012

Peaking Lights - Hey Sparrow (100% Silk)

Ajukaja feat Maria Minerva - Nii Hea (Porridge Bullet)

Maria Minerva teams up with Akujaja on Ni Hea.
Even though I find some of her work on 110% silk slightly overrated, I must honestly say that this track is a gem!
It's a dissonant, lo-fi electronic (house?, pop?) track. Definitely one of the better things coming out of the Maria Minerva camp.

The 10" is available at phonica, rough trade, piccadilly and on the Porridge Bullet website

Ajukaja & Maria Minerva - Nii hea from Porridge Bullet on Vimeo.

mercredi 18 avril 2012

Deirdre Direktor CCC mixtape

It's dark and hell is hot!
Great dark disco mix from Deirdre Direktor forr CCC.
Giallo disco records, Dario Argentio, freight records and John Carpenter fans will certainly appreciate this hour of music.

mardi 10 avril 2012

Vercetti Technicolor- L'incubo Senza Fine (Legowelt Remix)

Night Plane presents the spring slow-mo spectacular (CCC)

 Juicy J – Blue Dream & Lean (Intro)
Night Plane – Foreign Affairs
Night Plane – World Turning (Wolf + Lamb Remix)
Oppenheimer Analysis – Devil’s Dancers
Mick Smiley – It’s Magic (Night Plane Edit)
Cobalt – Manipulation Genetique
Grace Jones – Party Girl (Night Plane Disco Dub)
Night Plane – Halo (Rescue Mix)
Antena – Bye Bye Papaye
Zion Land – Hector Diablo
Ras Michel and The Sons of Negus – Zion Land

vendredi 6 avril 2012

The Bilinda Butchers - Hai bby (ft. Tiny Microphone)

 from the BEKO 100 compilation.

Zimmer - horizontal disco (Moon Boots Remix)

Huge Remix from Moon boots.

"Horizontal Disco - Remixes" Out April 6, 2012
Limited edition 12" of 200 copies in transparent vinyl & digital
A1 Zimmer - Looking At You (Moullinex Remix)
A2 Zimmer - Slave To Your Heart (feat. Jeremy Glenn) (Broke One Remix)
A3 Zimmer - Cruisin' (Lou Teti Remix)
B1 Zimmer - Slave To Your Heart (feat. Jeremy Glenn) (Mercury Remix)
B2 Zimmer - Slave To Your Heart (feat. Jeremy Glenn) (Xinobi Remix)
B3 Zimmer - Bay Bridge (Moon Boots Remix)

mardi 3 avril 2012

Ole Smokey - Ole Smokey's edits #2 (KAT Records)

 A America - Are You There (Cry to the Underground Edit)
B Bad Company - Making Love (Golden Dreams Edit)

Great 7" also available  in a limited edition
of 100 numbered picture sleeves. (more info on his soundcloud page)