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I don't really do reviews, If it's on here, It means I love it. Dead simple.
Some of the pictures here are mine, hit me up if you're interested in my work.

vendredi 28 septembre 2012

Philosophy of Sound - Fragile disco (Discotexas Records)

Indian Summer Music alert!!!
New release from the Discotexas camp!
Its Philosophy of sound's second release on the lisboan label.
It is already available on the Discotexas webshop, so cop it!

Side note: The cover photography was made by yours truly!! I'm must say i'm really really happy to see how it turned out.
The final product is just blazing!

mercredi 26 septembre 2012

Pompeya - Power (Lou Teti Mix)

This Lou Teti remix will be part of my Indian Summer soundtrack, no doubt about that.
The 12" is available at the tigers on the leash bandcamp page.

lundi 24 septembre 2012

Antoni Maiovvi - Stockholm Synthdrone EP (Giallo Disco Records 002)

Giallo Disco is back with a second EP, The Stockholm syndrome.
The fundraising campaign has started, so support the cause if you like horror disco


Antoni Maiovvi – Stockholm Synthdrone EP (Vinyl Edition)

A1 – Darkroom
A2 – Prisoner Nightdrive

B1 – Voodoo Vodoo
B2 – Darkroom (Jamie Paton Dub Mix)

Antoni Maiovvi – Stockholm Synthdrone EP (Digital Version)

01 – Darkroom
02 – Prisoner Nightdrive
03 – Voodoo Voodoo
04 – Darkroom (Jamie Paton Dub)
05 – Prisoner Nightdrive (Mircalla Remix)
06 – Voodoo Voodoo (Vercetti Technicolor's Space Voodoo Remix)

mardi 18 septembre 2012

Missy Elliott - Triple Threat/9th Inning

Missy Misdemeanor Elliott is back with A vengeance. what's hot and what's not, changed a lot since the last time she was around. I'm curious to see how younger peeps will react to this.
Hopefully those two tracks will really be released on vinyl and not only on Itunes.

TIMBO I hope you stepped your game up production wise! We don't want a Shock Value type of sound!!

jeudi 6 septembre 2012

New Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus!

Wireless Source Capability

The CDJ-2000nexus can utilize different music sources, from a hard drive to USB thumb drive and/or SD memory card, and now for the first time, an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and a computer via Wi-Fi. Using Pioneer’s rekordbox App to create playlists, cue/loop points, beat location settings, waveform analysis and more, users can temporarily transfer the content wirelessly through Wi-Fi to the CDJ-2000nexus. Users can also perform the same wireless function with a Mac utilizing the rekordbox music management software.

New rekordbox Software Functions

With the included rekordbox music management software installed on a computer, users can organize and catalog their entire music libraries. Newly added features available when rekordbox is used with the CDJ-2000nexus include music file analysis functions such as Wave Form Zoom (wave form expansion) and Key, as well as additional settings such as Active Loop and Hot Cue Auto Load.

When music files are imported to rekordbox, the software analyzes each file and prepares it for use specifically for the CDJ player. Key elements of Pioneer’s rekordbox software:

•Data Analysis – Wave Zoom, Key, Wave, Beat Grid, BPM, ID3 Tag and more

•Track Settings – Active Loop, Hot Cue Auto Load, Cue, Loop

•Creation and editing of Playlists

•Saving of playback log information

Full-Color LCD Display

The CDJ-2000nexus features a large full-color WQVGA 6.1-inch (480 x 234) LCD panel for displaying song titles and album art as well as detailed track information. The Wave data of each song is also illustrated on screen and the new Wave Zoom function provides five different levels of magnification of the wave data which are color-coded according to bandwidth.

Pro DJ Link

Pioneer’s Pro DJ Link feature enables up to four CDJ-2000nexus players to connect via the Link Port and share a single music source. Additional functions added to the CDJ-2000nexus that can be accessed when other players are connected using the Pro DJ Link are:

•Beat Sync – Tempo and beat location of music currently playing on one of the device can be matched with the push of a button.

•Traffic Light – Shows the keys of music being played by any players connected via Pro DJ Link, making key-compatible music easier to find by a different color indicator.

•Beat Count and Phase Meter – The Beat Count, which is the number of beats until a set point (memory cue), and the Phase Meter, which shows the beat/bar of the music, can also be displayed simultaneously by other players.

Performance Functions

Pioneer added Slip Mode and Quantize functions to the CDJ-2000nexus for added performance and reliability.

•Slip Mode – When activated, Slip Mode silently continues song playback during a loop, reverse or scratch and continues audible playback at the exact time when the loop, reverse or scratch is ended, resulting in smoother transitions.

•Quantize – Utilizing a Quantizing feature, cue points and loops can be set perfectly on-beat. The Quantize feature ensures cue points are set accurately and automatically, correcting and synching beats during manual looping or real-time cueing to reduce off-beat mistakes.

•My Settings – The function settings of a player can be saved to an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, USB storage device, SD memory card, or other device. For additional convenience, the settings can also be can be made ahead of time on the rekordbox App or software allowing users switch to their settings when a connection is made to the CDJ-2000nexus.

•Wolfson Processor – To achieve excellent sound quality, the player is equipped with the audio industry’s highly respected Wolfson® DAC processor, delivering a very transparent, accurate audio signal with a highly improved signal-to-noise ratio and increased headroom.

More Features

•DJ software MIDI/HID control – Up to 35 controls on the surface of each player can be used to trigger other devices, such as DJ effectors and software by way of HID and/or MIDI.

•Active Loop – Automatically starts loops when playback begins from a specified point.

•Load Previous Track – Playback of prior music that has been loaded to the player.

•Rating on the Go – Users can rate tracks during play for easy reference or sorting.

Blende – Fake Love EP (Eskimo Recordings)

September 17th ladies and chaps!!! Don't sleep on this one.

samedi 1 septembre 2012

Bonjour Tristesse - On not knowing who we are (La forme Lente)

First, Kontravoid, now Bonjour Tristesse. 2012 really is a good year for minimal wave/ synth pop.
On not knowing where who we are is available now!