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I don't really do reviews, If it's on here, It means I love it. Dead simple.
Some of the pictures here are mine, hit me up if you're interested in my work.

lundi 29 avril 2013

Xosar - The Calling (Rush Hour Records)

Cool video, awesome track. Xosar is really consistent.
I'm eagerly awaiting the next EP on Rush Hour .

Chihei Hatakeyama - The Bull Head Emperor (Rural Colours)

New LP from Japanese ambient producer Chihei Hatakeyama.
I've been lucky enough to attend one of his concerts in Brussels (at Les Ateliers Claus)
His soundscapes are pure class.
The Bull Head Emperor is the kind of record I love to listen to late at night.
It is released on Rural Colours.

1. Dark Sea
2. Vendetta
3. Salvation

Press Text
The Bull Head Emperor known as the Gozu-Tenno is a fearsome protector deity found in Japanese esoteric Buddhism. His chief features emphasize his nature as a deity associated with epidemic disease, a Japanese god of the plague, a devastating infectious disease that killed many throughout Europe during the middle ages. Devastating, fearsome, esoteric, it’s these three words that summarize Chihei Hatakeyama’s latest album for Rural Colours. Drawing deeply on spiritual philosophies Chihei has created an album of vast depth, a depth that appears endless as layer upon layer of sounds are compiled into vast swelling and all together heart felt waves of sound.

jeudi 25 avril 2013

dimanche 21 avril 2013

A.Vuolo & E.Grande - Desert (Strut Records)

Desert might be the most interesting Record Store Day release, with Jungle By Night's Brass Sabbath and a couple of other records (Factory Floor, Antoni Maiovvi).
It is totally personal of course and there might have been other cool releases I wasn't aware of.
 In that sense Record Store Day was quite dissapointing in Brussels. The records available weren't really those I was looking for. Next year I'll go to Ghent or Antwerp (or even better, to London)
Anyway enough ranting, Strut reissued this amazing Italian library music LP, mastered from the original reels. Artwork comes fully restored from the original lithographs.
Antonio Vuolo: Mini Moog, Fender Rhodes, Piano Steinway, Clavinet, Vibraphone, Hammond B3
Rino Diaferio: Fender Stratocaster, Martin, Ramirez, Fender Precision Bass
Elio Grande: Jazz Fender Bass, Guild Ramirez
Gege Munari: Percussion

A1 Take Flight 5:08
A2 Drops In The Wind 4:22
A3 Leaving 4:23
A4 Soft Melody 2:09
B1 Desert 4:50
B2 Blow Bubbles 3:31
B3 Transvesuvian 3:42
B4 Creation 2:26
B5 The End 1:28

mercredi 17 avril 2013

Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge - The Rise of The Ghostface Killah (Soul Temple music)

Awesome LP. The production work is amazing and Ghostdini is in athletic lyrical shape.

Rue 14 n°14 on the R&B tip

10 neo soul, r&b tracks I listen to a lot.
I quickly compiled them on 8tracks.
I think I'll do that more often in the future. There are so many songs I love but don't use in my mixes.
So this is the first one for Rue 14 n°14.

jeudi 11 avril 2013

Cassie - Rocka Bye Baby

Cassie's mixtape Rocka Bye Baby is out now.
I must admit I had totally forgotten her since "Me & U".
Numb sounds really good, i really like the mood of that song.
Free download at
I like her haircut too by the way.

lundi 8 avril 2013

Fresh Touch -The Ethiopia EP (Angular Recording Co)

Richard Russell & Rodaidh McDonald released this EP in frebruary last year under the Fresh Touch moniker. I'm only discovering it now, thanks to Addisrumble. It's a mix of traditional Ethiopian music, field recordings and electronica. The result is really really good. I've ordered it on the Angular Rec store after listening to the track below, which is co-produced by Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs).

jeudi 4 avril 2013

Cat Power - Manhattan

Great video, great song, cool LP. What more can we ask for?

Iceman - I Signori Della Galassia (Medical Records)

Amazing new release on Medical Records.
It's italo, it's cosmic, it's prog rock, it's synth pop but at the same time it is so much more.
The vinyl will be available on may 9th.

mercredi 3 avril 2013

Maria Minerva - Bless EP (100% Silk)

Maria Minerva's New EP is out now!
The tracks are as addictive as can be. This vinyl will be on heavy rotation in my Okiya for sure.
Don't sleep on this release, Black Magick might be the best pop track you'll hear this year. 

Slum Village - Forever

2013 marks Slum Village's 20th anniversary!
Even though they've been through hard times, T3 is still standing strong, accompagnied by Illa J and Young RJ.

"Forever" is the first track of the forthcoming LP "Evolution", which should be released in june.
Can't wait!