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I don't really do reviews, If it's on here, It means I love it. Dead simple.
Some of the pictures here are mine, hit me up if you're interested in my work.

samedi 31 août 2013

Baba Stiltz - Our Girls (Studio Barnhus Records)

 Forthcoming Studio Barnhus releases from a former 20-year-old Stockholm ballet dancer! 
It's an awesome  house track recorded to cassette in three different tempo.


jeudi 29 août 2013

Danny Brown ODB (Fool's Gold Records)

This guy is amazing. He's making "overground" rap exciting again.
And that sinister beat by Paul White is just ill.
I can't wait for his album "Old" to drop!

mercredi 28 août 2013

Amel Larrieux - For Real (IAMNOBODI RMX)

It's always a pleasure to hear Amel Larrieux and IAMNOBODI's remix is dope.
Check it out below.

lundi 26 août 2013

Adeyhawke - Kodachrome Sundae (Girlfriend Records)

I first heard Adeyhawke on Valerie's blog (It seems like ages ago). It was Adeyhawke's theme and I was instantly addicted to the track. He's back now with "Kodachrome Sundae", an EP released on Girlfriend records. It's still drenched in that 80s synth sound I love so much. add a pinch of indie dance and electronic funkiness to it and you obtain a REALLY good EP.

vendredi 23 août 2013

Jel - Late Pass (Anticon Records)

Jel is back with a new album called Late Pass. It's been a while since we heard from him. He describes the sound of Late Pass as Public enemy's bomb Squad meets Can. I still have to listen to all the tracks to have my opinion about that statement (I've listened to 3 tracks only).
One thing's for sure, he hasn't lost at all on "La Resolve" and it's good to hear the Anticon sound again. 
Listen to the track below. 
Late Pass is out now on Anticon on cassette or digital.

Ahnnu - Shame (Leaving Records/ Stones Throw)

Shame, first track from Ahnnu's forthcoming cassette "World Music" on Leaving records.
Check his bandcamp as well, he has other really interesting releases.

 World music is coming out on September 3rd through Leaving Records/Stones Throw.

jeudi 15 août 2013

Fort Romeau - Stay True (Ghostly)

I'm really excited by the new Fort Romeau track "Stay True". The songs has been on repeat here for a couple of days.
It's an hypnotic slow burner with a lot of sonic details, and it's definitely a departure from the house sounds of his LP on 100% Silk.

Fort Romeau's new EP is due for September 16th on Ghostly.
My birthday's on the 17th, So I'll surely play that track at the Okiya!