La Jåponaise Moustachue© - Guerrilla Stoemp - The Thin Black Duke - The George Låzenby Firelight Ensemble - The BaleaRic Hunter - (Le)Dåndy - Jules Barbey d'Aurevilly avec une Afro - André Bellegårde et son Orchestre Digital - I am a Cåssette...Dandytronic...Heddofone...Né à uccle mort en bas résilles...Matelot à sec...Inconnu du Nord au midi...Candidat déchu du concours Princesse Claquettes....La vie est un film natur(al)iste hollandais...Adepte des titres a rallonges...Toi aussi tu aimes les bûches?


I don't really do reviews, If it's on here, It means I love it. Dead simple.
Some of the pictures here are mine, hit me up if you're interested in my work.

lundi 30 mars 2015

Darksunn, Melange, New release On Monster Jinx

First, you should know that i'm a huge Dune fan.
The books, Lynch's movie, the documentary about Jodorowski vision of dune's universe, the music (and I'm thinking of Zed's Visions of Dune on Infiné, not really Toto even though),...everything really

So I was intrigued when I read the Title of Darksunn's new record, Melange, which is the most valuable substance in the galaxy!!!

The tracks don't dissapoint. hip hop, electronica, future beats.
The sound is grand and it'll make your head bop for sure.
In short, another cool Monster Jinx release.
Watch out for Shai-Hulud though, he might be hidden underneath one of those dunes.

vendredi 27 mars 2015

jeudi 26 mars 2015

Tarcar - Eija first teaser from I CAN'T GIVE YOU THE LIFE YOU WANT on Blackest Ever Black


  Compilation dedicated to the States, exclusively manufactured & distributed by Mount Analog and due to be released in June 2015.
Check the tracklist and listen to Tarcar's track, it sounds really promising.
 Even though mainly destined to the american market, Blackest Ever Black has held some copies for us, which are available for pre-order on their website.


A1. Tropic of Cancer – I Woke Up And The Storm Was Over
A2. Tarquin Manek – Not Missing You
A3. Dalhous – Acceptance Is Reality
A4. 500 Stamps – Relics of Victory
A5. Infrastructure Zero – Messiah Police
B1. Bremen – Eclipsed
B2. Exploring Jezebel – Burberry Boy
B3. Cut Hands – Festival Of The Dead Ondo
B4. Barnett + Coloccia – Tracker
B5. Tarcar – Eija
B6. Secret Boyfriend – Singleminded

Marlena Shaw, The Spice Of Life

My soundtrack today.
The Spice of Life is perfection from start to finish.
(Marlena Shaw is a goddess).

mardi 24 mars 2015

New FKA Twigs track and video, Glass & Patron

Track of the day comes from FKA Twigs.
Glass & Patron should be part of a forthcoming EP.
The video was directed by Twigs herself and is quite stunning

lundi 23 mars 2015

ROXO #01 on Monster Jinx

Monster Jinx is celebrating its 7th year of existence with a special compilation
“ROXO” also marks the start of a new series of comps consisting of original instrumentals, edits and re-mixes, made by the Monster Jinx roster.

DarkSunn, Spark, Roger Plexico, OSEB, NO FUTURE, Ghost Wavvves and Nitronious are featured on this #1, so expect hip hop, leftfield, indie, electronica, future beats and other purple soundscapes.

ROXO #1 is available on cassette and digital


dimanche 22 mars 2015

New Tangtype Lp, Trajet, is about to drop on Humpty Dumpty Records

Tangtype, my favourite belgian band, is finally about to drop their sophomore LP on Humpty Dumpty Records.

I had the privilege to hear Trajet a couple of years ago during a listening session, and I'm still as excited about it now as I was back then.

Have a listen to the track herebelow.
I'll keep you guys posted when the record is out, you won't regret it.

Black Blood Muko Wapi, Hello Sailor's first Release

Today's pick comes from Brooklyn.
Hello Sailor is a NY party and a record label run by Renata Do Valle. H.S. first 7 inch release features Muko Wapi,  from Black Blood, a band formed in the mid 70s by expatriate Kenyan musicians in Brussels (Belgium), and an Edit by Joakim.

samedi 21 mars 2015

Ihsan Al Munzer Belly dance Disco EP on Fortuna Records

Ihsan Al Munzer "Belly Dance Disco EP" is Fortuna Records' newest release.
I'm repeating myself endlessly, but those guys have excellent taste and there isn't a single release you should skip.
So don't sleep on this one!
It's funky, there's some moog involved in there, synths, organs, disco.
You'll definitely make the crowd dance with Belly Dance disco.

vendredi 20 mars 2015

Ryley Walker, Primrose Green LP on dead Oceans

Wow, Primrose Green by Ryley Walker, what a discovery. I heard a promo version of the record at Caroline Music today, a cool record shop in Brussels, and I was totally blown away.
I hadn't been impressed by a folk record in a long while, but  here everything sounds right, in place and his voice his great.

Highly recommended!! And judging on the people's reaction in the store, I was not the only one loving it.

jeudi 19 mars 2015

New Honeydrips Lp, In the City, on Luxury Records and Beko disques

 My kind of swedish pop, the kind I devoted a rue 14 n°14 podcast to last year.
In the city is announcing spring and some sort of melancholy I always long for.
Anyway, it's my soundtrack today and it's available at Beko disques as we speak.

mercredi 18 mars 2015

Autonomous Africa Vintage 01 - Wganda Kenya - Afro Colombia 12" EP

Good news from the Autonomous Africa camp.
Wganda Kenya Afro-Columbia EP is the first official reissue, no edits at all on this one.
A side is a nice rework of Fela Kuti's  "Shakara" which was much covered in Colombia in the mid 1970s.
On B side it's all about Wganda Kenya's original working "Pim Pom" and cumbia singalong anthem "La Botellita".

The record should be out in april and, very important, all proceeds go to the Mtandika mission in Tanzania -


vendredi 13 mars 2015

New Papaya 7" EP Dois/II on Revolve

Yeah, as you may have noticed, I've got a little something going on with Portugal, and with post punk.
So Papaya's new EP soberly titled Dois/II is sort af a perfect fit really . 
A set of short but furious tracks that give you a healthy energy boost.
The vinyl is out now on Revolve.
Release date, march 16.

jeudi 12 mars 2015

Kezokichi launches label and comp Blindetonation Compilation 01

 First release from Kezokichi's new imprint Blindetonation. If you don't know him check out his recent mixes, he's damn good.
It compiles slo-mo, disco, balearica, synth and other leftfield gems.
Blindetonation Compilation 01 should be released on march 23rd.
Be on the lookout for that one!


mercredi 11 mars 2015

Rupture, Israel Suite LP reissued on Digger's Digest/ French Attack

I was in the mood for jazz and this new Digger's digest/French Attack reissue popped up on my facebook feed. coincidence? I don't think so! Excellent timing, but it also means I'll have to eat more pasta this month (or the life of a music addict)
The preview sounds amazing and the history of this record really is interesting as well. Read Digger's Digest press text herebelow.
The record is avalaible now at Digger's Digest and French Attack.
Pressing of 500 copies.

Official reissue of probably the rarest vocal jazz funk album produced in France. Conceived by Sylvain Krief (ex-drummer of the Michel Fugain's Big Bazar and better known as the mysterious Airto Fogo) with the help of the french song writer Boris Bergman and pianist Jean-Pierre Mas who composed severals tracks. This clearly impossible to find brilliant concept album has not been recorded in the goal of expressing the political vision of the musicians. As Sylvain states "it was more a bunch of friends that I gathered. Yves Chamberland, owner the Studio Davout (also known for producing another cult french masterpiece : Les Masques) let the band using the studio, while rehearsal we recorded several tunes during May & June". Guest artists like Nicole Croisille, Michel Fugain also gave a little help to their friend for some chorus, while rythmic section was guaranteed by Jean-François Jenny Clark on bass and Georges Locatelli on guitar. Sax legend Jean-louis Chautemps makes some quick apparence also. The long esoteric piece "Israel Suite" on side 1 relates the struggles of young Nation of Israel and is musicaly inspired by the electric funky jazz fusion of Herbie Hancock and also influenced by the modal jazz of Arvanitas or Gilson. The B side mostly composed by Jean-Pierre Mas features 6 beautiful pop jazz chansons fusion that instantly reminds Cortex "Troupeau Bleu". We don't really know exactly how many original copies were made but you can bet it is under 100 and we are now sure it was never commercialy released. Reissued produced by Digger's Digest & French Attack at 500 copies. Don't sleep on this essential french Rare Grooves 
Our Official fac-simile reissue of The ultimate iconic long time uncovered French vocal jazz funk Holy Grail is Out Now !

lundi 9 mars 2015

The Brazilian Boogie Connection: From Rio to Sao Paulo (1976 - 1983) on Cultures Of Soul

The good people at Culture Of Soul sent me the tracks a while back but I didn't really had the time to check the tracks out and then I forgot.
Today i went to a record shop, found out they had the comp, listened to it and bought it immediately.

I would have bought it on the strenght of the Marcos Valle tracks alone, but there's much more to this comp, like the Tarântulas with Saiba Ser Feliz, their rendition of Don't Stop Til You get enough.

Or Painel De Controle

The track selection is exquisite. 
The Brazilian Boogie Connection definitely is a disco boogie keeper!

dimanche 8 mars 2015

Sumbu Dunia, Sister Nature (Noumenal Loom) Tape

Sumbu Dunia is a mystery to me, he's from portugal, but it's the only thing I know.
I discovered this tape a couple of days ago and it's exactly the type of sound I'm into right now. 
It's totally hypnotizing.
Expect a track from it on my forthcoming mixed comp.

vendredi 6 mars 2015

Dope electronic music from Ethiopia, Qen Sew and Mikael Seifu released on #1432 R

Ethiopiyawi Electronic aka Electronic music from ethiopa.
 I'm a bit obssessed by those two eps really.

I've ordered them at honest jons and I'll definitely use one of the tracks on there for a next mix.
Have a listen.

Both records hve been released by 1432 R.

mardi 3 mars 2015

David Maranha & Helena Espvall - Sombras Incendiadas on three:four records

The kind of drone music I love to listen to at night, quite late.
Sombras Incendiadas ("Exploding Shadows") features Helena Espvall (From Espers) on amplified cello and Maranha on electric organ and amplified violin.

Sombras Incendiadas is available on LP  and digitally on three:four records

Mirror People New Record "Voyager" Now On Limited Cd Edition

Mirror People's full lenght "Voyager" is out now on a limited edition cd version, for those who still hold on to physical formats.
Of course you may still download the record for free at Nos Discos.

dimanche 1 mars 2015

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe & Ariel Kalma: FRKWYS Vol. 12: We Know Each Other Somehow on RVNG INTL

We Know Each Other Somehow is the twelfth volume of RVNG Intl's FRKWYS series. and I can't wait to have this record. It should be out in april.

This time it's a collaboration between a music hero of mine, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe aka Lichens and Ariel Kalma.
First track available is Mille Voix.

Palmbomen II LP on Beats In Space records

My soundtrack Today, Palbomen II, released on Beats In Space.
One of the coolest records you'll hear this year for sure.